Remote Central Management Solution

Easy to use Management Solution

For enterprise customers and hosting providers, the challenge of managing security in large installations requires an easy-to-use, centralized and scalable security management solution.

The Remote Central Management (RCM) solution is Cordoba Networks mechanism to centrally administer thousands of clients and customers. The RCM is part of every Cordoba cluster appliance shipment and ensures low total cost of ownership by providing an efficient administration tool. Not only can the Cordoba solution be installed remotely but also configurations, updates and upgrades are centrally administered. RCM also provides full detail down to the user level on time and network type usage used, important for billing and auditing purposes. For larger enterprises or service provider, the RCM allows grouping of users into groups and management of several geographically dispersed Cordoba® gateways within one proxy.

How it works

Cordoba management is done using a user friendly web based management interface that allows full control to the system settings; clients and client groups can be added and removed, security and mobility parameters can be modified, and even cluster members can be added on the fly. The management interface traffic is protected by SSL. If that is not considered secure enough the gateway also has a dedicated management network interface that allows management traffic to be separated from other networks.

The gateway collects information about the client connections. This information is stored to an internal database and can be used for billing and auditing purposes. It is also possible to redirect the log information to an external database or billing system. For each connection the log contains the username, connection start and end times, the amount of data transferred and IP addresses where the connection came from.

With the gateway cluster you can remove nodes from the cluster without affecting the clients. This makes it possible to perform maintenance tasks and even replace hardware during normal office hours instead of waiting for the quiet hours that usually are in the middle of the night on Saturday or Sunday.