Gate seal 2000

Gate Seal 2000 appliance is a purpose built gateway that is a fully automated secure, remote access for mobile users.
It is a high-end platform that grows with the customer’s needs – whether it is a small business, a large enterprise, or Service Provider which requires performance, scalability, redundancy and central manageability of the solution.

Gate Seal 2000 Appliance has built-in clustering and dynamic load balancing for increased throughput and scalability – just add another appliance for redundancy and increased performance.

Gate Seal 2000 Appliance is a “clientless” IPSec based mobile IP solution that poses a strong alternative to SSL VPN as it is complete application independent, easy to deploy, has no latency issues, and transparently roams across different networks such as LAN, WLAN, GPRS, 3G and 4G to mention a few.

The appliance comes with the Cordoba Networks Remote and Central Manager (RCM) which provides for remote updates, upgrades, configurations as well as logging required for auditing purposes.

SpecificationGate Seal 2000
Throughput2000 Mbps
Concurrent Cordoba users per systemUp to 2000
Ethernet InterfacesUp to 34 GbE RJ4/SFP-1TX control NIC
Virtual SystemsYes
Number of cluster member16
Dynamic Load BalancingYes
Active - ActiveYes
Scalability of concurrent usersLinear additional 2000 per system
Handover time (LAN/WLAN)<20msec

Gate Seal 2000 appliance has build-in dynamic load balancing which allows increased throughput and number of concurrent users by simply adding appliances to the cluster.


Only need to invest in one appliance and expand at your own pace while enjoying one of the highest ROI as the appliance does not need to be changed with increasing number of users.

Transparant Roaming

Automatically switches to the fastest network available while maintaining full connectivity to open applications.

Virtual Systems

Virtual System Support on the Gate Seal 2000 appliances in order to support several customers independent from each other.


All Gate Seal 2000 appliances contain Clients Remote and Central Manager (RCM).
The RCM allows central management of all appliances, users as well as remote configuration, version update and also software upgrades and remote installations.


Cordoba 2000 appliance is installed in matter of minutes while the 'clientless' installation via MSI is automated and transparant to users.


Since one single Gate Seal 2000 appliance supports 200 up to 2000 concurrent users, customers enjoy a great low TCO.
Remote installation and management reduces administration and deployment to a matter of minutes.
Transparant roaming feature further reduces communication costs of the entire remote workforce.

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