November 6, 2019

New Platform

On behalf of the Cordoba Networks team, we are pleased to announce the completion of the first generation state-of-the-art Intelligent Secure Connectivity (ISC).
Developed and provided by the leading provider of wireless roaming solutions, This version of ISC increases performance and eases manageability while combining mobile-IP roaming technology with state-of-the-art security features. By enabling comprehensive mobility, Cordoba Networks can provide any company’s mobile workforce with a whole new perspective on efficiency and convenience.
The sophisticated technology behind Cordoba Networks ensures seamless moving from one network to another or from one access point to another – with virtually no delay.
There is no need to do any network selection nor configuration when on the move: the user simply turns on the computer or moves with his mobile device, such as: a tablet, laptop, smart phone or any designated device such as those in aviation technology, vehicle industries, railways or government; freely while ISC automatically provides seamless connectivity, automatically choosing the fastest possible network.
Whereas Cordoba Networks can benefit companies of any industry it is especially productive for mobile workforce such as salespeople and logistics professionals. Being able to get real-time information through reliable, secure and instant corporate network access – with no specific skills or training – can often make all the difference and provide a solid platform towards a new level of success.
Having the freedom to work while being on the move adds value to the enterprise as their employees can provide customers with real-time data without any specialized knowledge of technology.